A Declaration to Writing My Book


People have been asking me what my book is about…

Well, I used to really not like being in my body, doing everything I could to numb, distract, and run from my reality.

I was totally reliant on alcoholic by 19 years old. Things started getting really bad in my family when I left for college. My dad abruptly died when I was 20. I was a drug-induced anorexic, completely lost my sense of self, and really didn’t want to be on this planet. I lost myself in the college party, thinking it was all normal.

The most familiar energy in my body was SHAME. I thought god hated me, I thought I was a shit daughter, and I had no real purpose in life.

No one knew what was going on for me because I hid the pain with a smile. I was “miss positivity”. Below the surface I was suffering so deeply.

In my book, I am sharing the raw and vulnerable account of who I used to be and what I had to face in order to heal from my past. All the details are coming out, and this is very, very confronting and scary.

As I recount some of the memories, it brings me back to this time in my life. I see the old pictures and I see a version of myself that brings immense sadness.

I had so much pain an NO tools to deal with it.

I learned that running from life, pretending that everything is okay, and using substances and men to distract only exacerbates the problems.

The only way out, is THROUGH.

Through sharing my journey, I illustrate how Generation Y women can embark on their own path of self-discovery and empowerment. To WAKE UP and enjoy a life that they CREATE, not an inherited, limited life.

If I can help even just 1 woman on her journey, to remember who she really is, to discover self-love, to wake up to the abundant universe we live in, then it makes this all worth it.

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