Addicted to Affirmation


It’s not alcohol, or drugs, or sex….

It’s not food, or shopping….

It’s affirmation.

I am totally, completely addicted to receiving affirmation from others.

Facebook is the drug. I even receive metrics on how liked I am.

Last night I had some good friends say some hurtful things to me. They saw me in a negative light, they thought I was pretending and running.

I let it get inside me, I let it hurt me. I’m not used to this.

Then someone said this to me “stop eating up the good stuff because it’s a balancing act and you’re unwittingly inviting the unwanted”.

Damn. That’s the truth.

I’m making a commitment to myself and to everyone who follows me.

I share from a space of truth and authenticity, not a need for validation.

I share from a place of vulnerability, not looking for sympathy.

I share from a place of integrity, not needing to be liked.

I share because I like to make an impact. Because awakening feels good.

All the love, support, adoration, and acknowledgement is already inside me, and it’s inside of you too <3 mmmmm such a juicy reminder.

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