You Are Right Where You Need To Be


I’m noticing myself this week and all the ways that I sabotage my own success. It’s Thursday and I am making myself so wrong about how little work I have gotten done.

I sit down to finally finish the website copy that I have been dragging out for months, and my mind draws a blank.

What is this???

I had such a HIGH weekend in LA at the Kyle Cease event. I saw so clearly WHO I want to be and how I want to deliver my message.

Then I come home and that vision seems distant.

I witness the sabotage not being the lesser productivity but the fact that I am feeling bad about it, taking myself out of the moment, and thinking there is somewhere else I SHOULD be.

Can I give myself the space to experience the range of being human, my ultra-productive weeks and my not-so-productive weeks, and love the experience either way?

Inhale… exhale…. affirming that I am right where I need to be.

How are you feeling this week? Are you thinking there is somewhere else you need to be??

I wonder how much acceptance we can call in

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