Three Reasons to Love Your Jealousy!

I want to talk to you about transmuting your jealous feelings into something else. Something that will make you an your business stronger and more in alignment. It is so important to figure out how to love your jealousy! I want to discuss this because it’s something that everyone goes through. You see someone and you start to compare yourself or your business to theirs. It’s not fair to you, and there are ways to embrace your jealousy, learn from…

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Addicted to Affirmation

I HAVE AN ADDICTION It’s not alcohol, or drugs, or sex…. It’s not food, or shopping…. It’s affirmation. I am totally, completely addicted to receiving affirmation from others. Facebook is the drug. I even receive metrics on how liked I am. Last night I had some good friends say some hurtful things to me. They saw me in a negative light, they thought I was pretending and running. I let it get inside me, I let it hurt me. I’m…

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You Are Right Where You Need To Be

HELLO SELF- SABOTAGE I’m noticing myself this week and all the ways that I sabotage my own success. It’s Thursday and I am making myself so wrong about how little work I have gotten done. I sit down to finally finish the website copy that I have been dragging out for months, and my mind draws a blank. What is this??? I had such a HIGH weekend in LA at the Kyle Cease event. I saw so clearly WHO I…

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Lindsay Hawley Reveals The Secrets of Entrepreneurship

A VULNERABLE AND RAW CONVERSATION ABOUT THE EMOTIONAL RIDE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP Lindsay Hawley is a highly envied young entrepreneur. Often pictured in exotic locations, running her multiples businesses remotely. She has traveled the far corners of the world, is partnered with Richard Branson on an environmental project, and seems to have every opportunity just show up for her. How the heck does she do it??? In this interview, she reveals what people don’t see behind the veils of social media. This…

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A Declaration to Writing My Book

REMEMBERING THE SHIT SHOW MY LIFE USED TO BE People have been asking me what my book is about… Well, I used to really not like being in my body, doing everything I could to numb, distract, and run from my reality. I was totally reliant on alcoholic by 19 years old. Things started getting really bad in my family when I left for college. My dad abruptly died when I was 20. I was a drug-induced anorexic, completely lost…

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