A 6-Week

Business accelerator to create and launch the great

of your life.

A 6-Week

Business accelerator to create and launch the great

of your life.

Develop + Launch Your Core Business Offer

Learn The Creatrix Launch Model– a Scalable Business Blueprint

Release Playing Small + Enter Your Boss Season

Charge Prices That Turn you on and Light Your Soul on Fire

Who would you be if you were running a 6, multi 6, or 7-figure business?

Like really, who would you be? 

Confident, empowered, abundant, FREE.



abundant, FREE.

How much more would you be able to serve if you had the security of knowing your revenue was on lock?

Likely, a whole reservoir of energy would serge through you if you were getting PAID abundantly for your service.

As a forever student and devotee of prosperous living, I know there is no feeling of prosperity like owning your own thriving business.

Being able to know how to create money, in the free market, on demand is an inner superpower that completely changes your life.

You have this superpower within you, and we’re here to develop it.

Your Creatrix is calling.

will you answer the call?

What if making money was just an extension of your

Creativity Artistry Healing abilities

You have a dream and a deep calling in your soul and I’m here to show you that dream is possible for you with some focused training.

You know you have something valuable to share. The wisdom is bubbling from inside you and your heart yearns to share it on a bigger scale.

When you learn the Creatrix Launch Model, you see that your revenue potential starts with a scalable core offer.

This one-to-many, leveraged group coaching model, will forever transform your business. I’ve watched countless clients consistently hit $10-30K, and even $100K+ launches in their businesses through heart-centered strategy and leadership.

Developing your core offer and learning to make it succeed in the marketplace is your bridge to building sustainable, heart-aligned revenue. You are meant to make a big impact while serving the world with your unique genius.

Leave the endless search for “how?” behind and step into the boss queen of creation that you already are.

Some part of you knows, SO much more ease and success is possible… but maybe you haven’t been able to make it click in consistent revenue.

That missing piece you’ve been seeking is your one simple, core offer. A scalable signature process that will allow you to leverage your time, serve more people, and finally create your profitable business – all while doing the work you truly love.


Let’s go back to the basics.

A pure intention.

A clear product vision.

An energetically-aligned leader.

A compelling offer.

This is your time to trust yourself!

Are you willing to take a leap on a new model and stretch into a new income level?

We’re here to help you stand out in your unique essence, own your gifts, and learn a process that will support you for years to come.

What sets you apart in the market is YOU. Your essence, your professionalism, your integrity, your spiritual gifts, your wisdom.

Once you have the energetics of your offering set, then… and ONLY then… you need the structure to carry out the vision in a strategic and creative way. Intuition first, then the strategy of the mind second.


are you ready to claim your gifts and become the high-value coach, lightworker, and entrepreneur you know you can be?

Think of Creatrix Calling as the riverbanks

for your success...




Feel a deep sense of permission to trust in yourself and in The Universe

Practice daily rituals to tap into your spiritual essence so you can create from your overflow

Learn the step-by-step process in the Creatrix Launch Model to get your core offer + monetization strategy in motion



Execute the basics of market research and create a product that is grounded in market desire & current demand
Step into an environment of other Creatrix Queens where you’ll be supported, celebrated and nurtured


Feel a deep sense of permission to trust in yourself and in The Universe


Practice daily rituals to tap into your spiritual essence so you can create from your overflow


Learn the step-by-step process in the Creatrix Launch Model to get your core offer + monetization strategy in motion


Execute the basics of market research and create a product that is grounded in market desire, connected to an intuitive awareness of what people most need and are willing to pay for


Step into an environment of other Creatrix Queens where you’ll be supported, celebrated and nurtured

In this video...

You’ll hear from past clients of Jolie Dawn to get a taste of the magic that happens inside Creatrix Calling.

I want you to meet an archetype inside of you...

It already exists, actually.

…the one who can guide you back to your divine wisdom, your inspired motivation, and your drive to create something epic…

the Creatrix within.

“She who creates her life”

Let me remind you of something that will bring you a deep exhale of relief… You don’t have to have all of the answers right now.

You are bigger than the knowingness of your mind, dear soul.

Your spirit is the secret sauce.

The essence of your soul has all of the answers, you just need to be able to hear the quiet whispers.

The Creatrix

Asks us to remember the codes of the Quantum Universe & remember that anything is possible when we are willing to be in massive action. It takes committing to the pursuit of your own greatness.

The Creatrix

Reminds us— every single human is equally worthy of limitless abundance.

The Creatrix

Asks us to not suffer in loneliness or silence… she nudges us to return to sisterhood for true support.

The Creatrix

Asks that we fall back into our innate feminine wisdom…she is a master creator that holds the codes of life itself.

are you ready to meet your inner creatrix?

Are you ready to create, manifest and actualize the soul project of your life?

Jolie Featured In...


My name is Jolie Dawn.

And I’m an intuitive business coach + launch strategist.

Helping women be successful in business is the greatest turn-on of my life. It truly sets my soul on fire and creates a deep fulfillment in my life.

My art is helping women awaken their spiritual gifts, embody their value, and grow their businesses to 6 and multi 6-figures. I’ve helped hundreds of women in their sustained business success in the last 10 years of owning Prosperity Queendom Inc.

I’m a recovering perfectionist, anxious mess of an overly-ambitious lightworker. When I first ventured into the coaching world, I was a lost cookie. I couldn’t hear my own inner wisdom clearly, tried to force things to happen, and even invested multiple 5-figures on fancy internet marketing funnels that never converted a single sale. Ouch.

Finally one day, I got tired of looking outside of myself for answers. I was ready to leverage my time so I could serve more people and finally support myself at the level I wanted in my business.

I drove out to the forest in San Diego, sat down with my big sticky notepad, and spent the whole day mapping out my first group program. I wrote out every piece with deliverables, lessons, and a clear structure. I sat in deep spiritual contemplation and moved things around until it felt just right.

Then, I ran my first beta test of it… I enrolled 20 women at $500 each and had my first $10k launch! A few months later, I launched it again and made $35k. My business kept growing from there because I kept growing. My company brought in $1.5M in the past 2 years while working on average, 20 hours/week.

To this day, the courses I teach are a time-tested and perfected version of this exact course. Today I’ve had over 35 successful online launches, built a multiple 6-figure business, and helped my clients earn over $6 million over the last 6 years. And it all started with the structure I developed that day in the forest of San Diego.

My business finally hit that critical point of growth when I developed my signature process and learned the one-to-many group coaching model.

Now I want to show you exactly how I made this shift in my business and how you can do the same. You can do it too, I promise it’s all inside you.

I’m a projector in human design, sun in Gemini, moon in Virgo, and Cancer rising. I’m a gypsy soul currently living in Austin, Texas with lots of travel planned. I’m a naturally very feminine woman that values a life of flow, creativity, and space while also knowing how to turn on my masculine energy when it’s time to create. I’m a woman like you, who’s been through a lot in live but was anchored in my spiritual practices and my desire to live an abundant life.

Prepare for a new experience of female community.

The Creatrix community is all about collaborative sisterhood, encouraging each other’s success, and feeling love & support like you’ve never felt before. Queen, you belong here. It is safe to THRIVE here.

Experience feeling completely held and empowered by a sisterhood of like minded, entrepreneurial women who will become your lifelong friends and support system.

The perfect amount of hand-holding and booty-kicking! We’ll embrace you when you’re down, and give you a push when you need to get back on track.


What's Included?

7 Video Training Modules by Jolie (Released on Sunday weekly)

5 Guided Visualizations by Jolie to support your energetic upgrades

7 Live Q&A and Hot Seat Coaching Sessions with Jolie Dawn and The Creatrix Calling Team

Private Facebook Group for support

Member’s portal for easy learning environment

Lifetime access to content + all recordings

PDF downloads of organized templates

Can’t make a call? Not to worry, everything will be recorded and available in your member’s portal.

I’m ready to unleash my Creatrix Calling!

Creatrix Calling
6-Week Course

Dare to Prosper Participant Discount
>>50% OFF<<

7 Video Modules + 7 Live Q&A Hot Seat Coaching Sessions

5 Guided Visualizations

PDF’s, Meditations, & Bonuses
Private FB Group

Creatrix Calling is the first step to training with Jolie Dawn and the Prosperity Queendom, Inc team.

It is the prerequisite to Creatrix Academy (business launch accelerator + retreats) and Creatrix Publishing (Amazon bestselling author book publishing).

This program is for you if...


What Jolie’s Clients Are Saying

What Jolie’s Clients Are Saying


If you can’t make a live call, no worries! All calls are designed to be just as effective as recordings and will be available in your members’ platform within 24hrs.
Sometimes negative experiences or feelings around groups of women and the potential dynamics can cause hesitancy. I assure you, our community is different. We cultivate an environment where you get to choose your level of engagement with the other women in the program. If you want to form close friendships and have high-touch support, this group will hold you and cheer you on. If you prefer to take care of your work and your practices independently, that’s ok too! The intention of the group is for you to have support and connection through the process when you need/want it.
This program is designed to help meet & support entrepreneurs at a few different levels. Usually, ~50% of our class is brand new in their business. This is the perfect foundation to build for a sustainable business with long-term success. In fact, this is the exact kind of support I wish I’d had when I was starting out in my coaching business.
This course is perfect for the experienced business owner who is looking to get back to basics & simplify. Here you’ll have the chance to restrategize and come back to your creative essence.. The principles you learn here are ones you’ll return to each and every time you develop a new offer. No matter how many launches you’ve had, simplicity and returning to the basics is always where success lies.

About half of the students in Creatrix Calling don’t feel experienced enough to create & run a group program yet. There are essentially three tracks available in this course, you choose the one you’re ready to step into!

  1. Create & launch your signature group program
  2. Design your group program and launch a beta course
  3. Design your signature process and use it with your 1:1 clients until you’re ready for a group launch
Every Sunday a module will be unlocked in your member’s portal. You‘ll have a week to watch the recording before the Q&A call or integration session with Jolie and the team members.
You’ll leave Creatrix Calling with all of the information you need to build out your core offer, take action on your market research, and to prepare to take your offer to market. You’ll get out of this program what you put in. We’ve had clients who take this on 100%, have extraordinary results, and end up launching their 6-figure businesses. And, we’ve had some who are just absorbing information and preparing for the future. You choose how you want to play!

If you’re interested in having more launch support, after this program you’ll be invited to join Creatrix Academy. This is our advanced course on structuring your launch from start to finish, where people see $10-100K launches on average.
The average amount of time reported on coursework in Creatrix Calling is about 3hr/week. Don’t worry, you can move at your own pace and you’ll have lifetime access to the content so you can go at your own pace.




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