A 10-Day Money-Love Vortex
to Align Your Frequency
& Transform Your Profitability

Spend 30 Minutes a Day to Completely
Transform Your Prosperity Consciousness

Bundle Includes...

10 Guided Visualizations by Jolie

Wake up + tap into the field of prosperity consciousness. I promise you this, if you give yourself fully to this process, you'll set yourself up for your future of prosperity in a big way.

A Printable Daily Journal

Print this 10-day journal PDF to write out your daily reflections and track your prosperity miracles. Pen to paper is best, but if you do not have printer access, you can download and utilize the digital format.

A Prosperity Meditation Guide

Practice the tools of manifestation to create a reality of abundance. A complete PDF download as your step-by-step guide through the challenge.

A Global Community

Connect w/ ambitious, spiritually connected women, like you. We currently represent over 40 countries around the world.

A Private Facebook Group

Tune into weekly lives + a variety of events w/ Jolie, the PQ Team, community leaders, and magical guests.


Because of this challenge, I got unexpectedly introduced to new clients and money came to me from surprising sources that I did NOT expect. Money literally appeared as I felt the change happening in my consciousness. Being seen and appreciated by the sisterhood was so beautiful. I now fully believe that I am a Prosperity Queen!

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Dhianiri L.

I realized in this challenge that I CAN manifest prosperity quickly, no matter how much stickiness I've created in my life. I just manifested $1500 AUS and $5k USD, it's coming to me now! A sense of lightness fills me with hope for the future. I felt immediately drawn to be a part of this community – the vulnerability, sisterhood, and openness is so beautiful. I am so grateful for this Dare to Prosper Challenge experience!

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Lisa B.

Money in the past has made me uneasy and consequently, I haven't wanted to look at it. I didn't even believe real abundance was possible for me. It just felt like prosperity was meant for other people. But I see this differently now, I see the abundance that is mine. Because of this challenge, I have a renewed sense of creating a relationship with money. I am declaring a miracle to release the fear with money, self-doubt, and worry. I declare that I am now embracing money enthusiastically. I'm declaring myself as a $90k–$120k earner!

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Evita S.

My results from this challenge have been incredible, truly beyond my wildest dreams. I set a goal to manifest 4 clients at the beginning of the challenge. In 5 days, and like magic... I've brought on 3 new clients, and I can feel the 4th coming. I've exceeded my revenue goal for the month in FIVE DAYS, over $6k earned. Thank you Jolie... I've never seen someone combine the business and the spiritual like you do.

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Nikki P.

The fear from associating money with life is insurmountable alone. Those feelings WERE a distraction!! The intention I set on day 1 was to trustingly open to the wisdom of the universe, accept any hard truths here, and weed out everything that is suffocating what is trying to grow within. Oh boy, I got what I asked for. Every day thereafter was magical, prosperous, beautiful, liberating, and really just mind blowing. Each day has brought new levels of healing and insight that I would not have gotten anywhere else.

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Sheryl K.
I am Jolie Dawn,
Jolie Dawn at the Beach Jolie Dawn at the Beach

& it is my passion and joy to help women entrepreneurs completely redefine their relationship with money, success, and growth. Growing up in a family that struggled with scarcity-obsession, and watching my father's life end traumatically in massive money breakdown, changed me as a person.

It bothers me to the core of my being that privilege, greed, and misuse of power impacts people's daily lives. Scarcity and money fear is the leading cause of problems in a relationship, and a main driver of stress in America. It’s a huge deal. We all have unconscious programming on some level with money, because the system was not designed for everyone to prosper. I remember hating money... I hated that it existed, I hated how people suffered, and I hated how limited I felt by it.

Then when I devoted my life to the path of entrepreneurship, I realized that hating money was never going to bring me the success and impact that I wanted. Can you relate to having some level of distrust of uneasiness with money?

When it all shifted for me...

I started studying money from every single angle like my life depended on it, because in a lot of ways, it did. I knew my freedom depended on it, my ability to do big work on the planet, and the ability to sustain my life and take me out of fear. Several teachers showed up in my path, and I began to understand money as an energetic frequency, not a tangible, fixed object.

I remember when I had my first $10k launch, I realized my future would never be the same. There was an aliveness that pulsed through my body that assured me that I was on the right path. Then with more mindset work, with more visioning, with more ritual, and more stamina, I immediately created a $35k launch, then $45k, then $65k, then $180k, then it just kept increasing as I created more products, served more people, transformed lives, and did my money rituals.

Money to me is a spiritual practice. It's infinite, ever-changing, it's an energetic relationship. It's a devotion.
I believe that the world will change when we empower the lightworkers, the visionary leaders, the heart-centered entrepreneurs, the wild creatives, and the healers to own their worth with money and raise the world up in the frequency of prosperity.
I dare you to break societal norms and cultural conditioning, to put logic and "realistic thinking" aside, to stop believing the lie of scarcity….
….to recommit to your natural state of prosperity.

It takes a bold woman to own her desires, to unapologetically want what she wants, to live outside the noise of shame, guilt, doubt, and smallness.

Bring your love to your money and shine the light on everyone around you. The world heals when we all rise into prosperity. The world heals when the systems start working for everyone.

  • Dare to let go of the pain, the past version of you, the distrust, and the resignation.

  • Dare to set up your future with bold audacity to own your highest worth,

  • Dare to be a prosperity rebel, a fringe-optimist,

  • Dare to be the YOU that you came here to be, before anyone made you believe anything else than magical.
Dare to Prosper Challenge Dare to Prosper Challenge
A Deeper Look into the Daily Experience
Guided Prosperity-Activating Meditations

Energy, vibration and frequency is my thing. I am professionally trained in kundalini yoga, hypnosis, transmutation meditation, a dozen other certifications. During the meditation each visual I give you is intentional. I'm using multiple bodies of work: hypnosis, unconscious reprogramming, metaphor awareness, and energy healing.

I will guide you through a daily audio to completely rewire your unconscious mind from scarcity to prosperity, leaving you feeling empowered and excited to create and manifest. Open the doors of manifestation and opportunity. Commit yourself to this and feel the shift immediately!

Invitation to Play w/ Magic

Every single day of Dare to Prosper you will be challenged to bring the tools you're learning into the program into action… to play with magic and see miracles unfold in your life… to re-invigorate your life and business with playfulness, lightness, and curiosity.

You'll have a chance to put the tools into action, share in the Facebook group, and experience a real, lasting shift in your relationship to prosperity. Have fun… play with a community of badass women like you!

Jolie Dawn Jolie Dawn
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