A 8-Week Business Accelerator + Money Mentality Immersion for Ambitious Entrepreneurs
What if I told you that the secret is in activating STRUCTURE and understanding THE ENERGETICS OF YOUR BUSINESS?
As an intuitive business coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of women from all over the world on different types of businesses. I see the same patterns over and over. Women are stopped by now knowing how to get high-end clients, how to create a signature process, how to price themselves, how to own their confidence in sales calls, and how to structure their business for success. Simply put, they're not able to make the money or impact they desire to make in their business.
I hear the same things over and over...
You’re here because you want your business to work. You
want money coming in. You want to trust yourself to
create the life you want. I can help.
What’s the scoop on Jolie Dawn? Me at my lowest point...
I remember just three years ago I was sitting at the beach, SO frustrated because I wanted to work on business but I simply didn’t know where to start. Build a landing page? Build an email list? Hire a coach? There were so many options swirling in my head and it lead me to a feeling of STUCK… inertia. I couldn’t relax… couldn’t enjoy the moment… all I could think about was wanting to grow my business but having no clue where to start.
I was 25, my fiancé had just broken up with me, and I was getting used to an entirely new life. I felt broken on so many levels. With him, I felt safe, I felt taken care of, I felt like I could trust my future. The breakup surprised me, rocked me to my core and I was really freaking scared. 
“Am I really capable of supporting myself in entrepreneurship? Can I actually make this business work? I don’t feel like I am one of THOSE people who can do it. I’m a lazy person. I don’t have the inner motivation like others do.” 
I started asking big questions- “what is going to pull me out of this?” I started diving into energy work, I hired a series of badass coaches and everything started to change. I was the ROOT of all of my problems. I had to change my THINKING to change my life. I had to upgrade to Prosperity Consciousness. 
The Rise to Finding my own inner Prosperous Woman...
I took inventory of all the things I was really good at- to my surprise the list was quite extensive.
As I looked at this list, I was met with an overwhelming realization that I had a LOT to offer people, and all I needed to do was go out there and DO IT. 
Clients started coming in, the more I really owned my gifts and talents. Money started coming in. I had my first $35k month, I wrote a book, became #1 bestseller on Amazon, and on launch day I was ahead of The 4-hour work week, The Alchemist, and The Power of Now.
I started to have massive success with my clients- building businesses, working out my processes, making money, and seeing big results. 
Pacific Magazine awarded me as one of San Diego’s Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs, a highly esteemed recognition, along with Suja Juice co-founder Annie Lawless and Pura Vida Creators. Huffington Post also featured my article called "The Authentically Prosperous Life" on their global media platform. 
I realized that I’m not special. Anyone can do this... Anyone who is really committed to their seeing their dreams become a reality…. Anyone who is willing to follow a success formula from someone who has learned it.
What is Prosperity Possy?
An 8-week business accelerator and money mindset makeover program. This course helps women completely
rework their business to become profitable, pleasurable, and powerful. 
This course is a culmination of my 5+ years in entrepreneurship, over $80,000 spent on
programs, courses, coaches, healers, and live conferences.
All my most brilliant information and energetic upgrades- in one potent course. 
And yes, Possy spelled with a “Y”. Because…. 1) It means lady squad 2) It carries the
vibrational frequency of spiritual healing and 3) It just feels sooooo right ;)
My Promise To You
1) Upgrade to Wealth Consciousness
Learn what’s keeping you stuck in the same patterns of poverty mindset, scarcity, lack and fear and learn the daily upgrades for wealth and prosperity. Learn to redefine your relationship with money to allow it to be one of the sexiest, most thriving relationships in your life.
2) Learn the Masculine/ Feminine Balance
The picking berries vs. hunting prey mentality. For millennia women have mastered the “gathering”- the slow and meticulous process of picking berries. As 21st century entrepreneurs, it’s time we learn how to access our inner masculine- WITHOUT becoming MEN. How to pick up our bow and arrow- and shoot for what we actually desire. We MUST learn how to balance our inner masculine & feminine for business success. 
3) Meet your POSSY
Your crew of women who have your back, support you in times when you have a brief lapse in remembering your power, who know that when you WIN we all WIN. Be around people who are rocking the prosperity mindset who allow for you to become your most prosperous woman. Meet your highly curated lady crew that will be with you for a lifetime. 
The 12 Modules
  • Creating a weekly productivity template 
  • Creating boundaries with the people in your life 
  • Mastering the art of calendering
  • Designing your most epic weekly work flow 
  • Recommended technology to guide your business growth 
  • Creating a business manifesto 
  • Examining what is keeping you stuck with money 
  • Where did you learn to relate to money? 
  • Science of the mind and reprogramming beliefs of scarcity 
  • The code for prosperity- how to upgrade your external environment to upgrade your life 
  • Say hello to the sexiest relationship of your life- you and MONEY
  • Learn how thoughts create your reality- upgrade your thoughts to upgrade your life
  • The code for prosperity - how to upgrade your external environment to upgrade your life
  • The sexy expression of you- dressing for success every day 
  • Reprogram the subconscious beliefs that keep you stuck in poverty consciousness 
  • Say hello to the sexiest relationship of your life - you and MONEY 
  • Learn how thoughts create your reality - upgrade your thoughts to upgrade your life 
  • Identifying your most preferred client 
  • Who is willing and able to pay high-ticket prices 
  • How to communicate their pain points better than they can 
  • Getting inside the mind of your consumer to deliver the best possible service 
  • Create your custom questionnaire 
  • Create the market research strategy 
  • Be your new self in this process
  • Own your confidence  
  • Discover where you can be of best service 
  • Let the market review and refine your signature process 
  • Getting inside the mind of your consumer to deliver the best possible service
  • Activating the power of curiosity and powerful question-asking
  • Integrate the information you are receiving 
  • How to reach beyond your network to find clients 
1  Leave the world of high competition and crowded market place 
 Discover Your Blue Ocean Strategy- a business concept that actually        makes money in the world
  • Clients can only say YES to you when you give them something to buy 
  • Learn to develop your signature process in my custom 4-part process 
  • Build something that people can’t resist 
  • How to create your business to be unique, interesting, and compelling 
  • Build your high-ticket and retainer packages
  • Let people invest for the transformation they need
  • Finding your most prosperous client 
  • Learn how to turn a total “stranger” into your biggest fan
  • How to find your highest-paying clients all over the world 
  • Be your biggest contribution to the world 
  • Discover how generosity is your biggest asset 
  • Be the juicy, irresistible invitation for your offer in all scenarios of your life 
  • How to understand your target market’s problems better than they do
  • Master the art of storytelling and connecting to your audience 
  • Discover WHO you are to your tribe 
  • Facebook strategy 
  • Create your tribe by giving them a place to play in with you
  • Learn about speaking, live-events, collaborations, and grassroots strategies
  • Do marketing in a way that works for YOU 
  • How to effectively enroll people in becoming interested in YOU and your brand 
  • Create your tribe by giving them a place to play in with you 
  • Leverage internet marketing in the most simplest way 
  • Learn about speaking, live-events, collaborations, and grassroots strategies 
  • How to feel prosperous EVEN when you get a NO 
  • Expanding your vibration and frequency to continue to receive 
  • See and build your prosperous future 
  • Make space for the money to come in 
  • Prosperity Possy is a BIG internal shift- how do you keep this alive for yourself? 
  • THE BIG SHIFT - harvest this for yourself and tools for maintenance 
  • The exponential effect- growing at a sustainable rate
  • Happens in an instant, happens in a declaration 
  • The exponential effect 
  • The Dharma of you leads- this biz is way bigger than you 
  • Expanding to your soul number 
  • Consistency is Queen
What does this course include?
 One 50-Minute Intuitive Strategy call with Jolie 
10 video training calls 
8 weeks of group coaching with 1:1 coaching every single week
Private community group 
Custom templates for business structure 
PDF downloads of each weeks content 
 At the end of the course, you will receive a 30-minute one-on-one coaching call with Jolie if program was completed ($250 Value)
  Copy of my book Empowered, Sexy and Free
3  Bonus training- manifesting through the ancient art of kundalini ; using pleasure to bring in your wildest visions for your life 
If you meet all of the Prosperity Possy metrics by the end of the 8-week accelerator, you will be eligible to apply for the Possy Circle Mastermind, the next level of mastering prosperity, money, and mindset.
*We will all meet together live on video using Zoom. If you cannot be on video, you can call in as a backup option. If you are unable to attend live, you
can catch the recording. 
You may be thinking...
“Will this work for my situation?” 
“Will it be worth the investment?” 
“Is this going to be too hard?” 
“Will I have time for this? 
“What if I need to return this?” 
“How can I trust this person?”
Yes girl, you actually CAN do this.
Let the voice of POSSIBILITY have the stage.
You CAN, have the life you dream of.
You CAN trust yourself in Entrepreneurship.
You CAN make BANK by doing what you love. 
Say YES to the Prosperity Possy. Say YES to
your future.
Some Raves About Jolie… 
Grace Ho, Systems and Operations Consultant
“I pitched my client a $15k package last week with Jolie’s help. That just wasn’t even in my realm of possibility before. I am so grateful! 
When I started working with Jolie, I wasn’t even looking for a coach. I just saw her picture on Facebook and I thought to myself ‘wow, there is a sense of freedom and joy in her, I want that for myself.’ Our work together has been so much deeper than I could have imagined- it’s personal development at a level I’ve never gone to before. You can’t put a price tag on this, it’s power on all levels- personal power, mental power, and business power. My dream of having freedom to work anywhere I want, travel the world, and build an empire is so much closer now. “
Alison- Photographer and Female Embodiment Coach
During Prosperity Possy I expanded beyond what I thought was possible. I had a client fly me in a private jet for a photoshoot. This was a direct result of me OWNING my vibration of prosperity. I feel so full of opportunity and excitement after this course for the future of my business! 
“Jolie has an uncanny ability to fill women up with their own desires and creating shape and form in the business world- which is so helpful for women who want to be in their gift and craft without needing to have years of business experience. When I found Prosperity Possy, I needed a structure, I needed to take a step-by-step approach. Within the first week I found a structure that changed everything- her custom weekly template. I recommend this course for anyone who feels like they are searching for a structure to be successful in entrepreneurship.
Melina Moreno, Facebook Advertising and Strategic Social Media consultant
Immediately following my first Prosperity Possy one-on-one call with Jolie, I got a new client. I could distinctly feel the shift in my vibration to finally allow money and prosperity to come to me. I pitched another new client $3,500/mo for a 12 month minimum, 5x more money than I have ever pitched before. Prosperity Possy taught me to be confident and articulate through the entire prospecting and pitching process, I really blew myself away. Jolie helped me figure out my Signature Process for my clients and I really got clear on my unique value- I could finally see it clearly for the first time. Jolie’s process is a system to make REAL money in business- I am forever grateful!
Dr. Katherine M. Zagone
I can't even begin to describe the amazingness that is working with Jolie. She provided the coaching I needed to be and do exactly what my business needed at its conception. She encouraged me to trust my gut and do business with my own feminine flair while teaching me skills to get the business moving right away. My scariest part was starting to see clients before I felt "ready." Jolie knew this was a necessary step and both supported and pushed the exact right amount.
She is a master problem solver, creator, and coach. Working with Jolie made launching my business, The Holistic Fertility Method, an empowering journey inward and outward. I am incredibly grateful for her presence and skill. I would highly recommend Jolie to anyone who is looking for guidance in starting their business and scaling online.
Elissa Prola
Working with Jolie was exactly what I needed when I felt stuck around my business- Styled by E, a true God-send she was! She helped me upgrade all of my packages, prepare me for me first live speaking event, and get into the right mindset to show up in a bigger way than I had ever imagined. Jolie is you girl if you are looking take your business and life to the next level! 
Jena LaFlemme
"Jolie helped me on a creative writing project and I absolutely loved my experience working with her. Our session together was fun, intentional and we successfully completed the outline that I had been stuck on creating for weeks. She helped me refine the key points, create the overall outline and writing structure, and challenged me to deepen the clarity. I recommend Jolie if you need help with any creative writing projects or business visioning and you want it to feel light, expansive, and fun while doing it."
What Can I Expect to Feel After This Course?
A new level of inner confidence- meeting the version of you that KNOWS you can do it
A whole new relationship with money and prosperity 
The ecstasy of stepping boldly into the uniqueness of you- stand out from all of the other coaches and consultants in the industry
Experience the feeling of direction, purpose, and clarity in life and business
Enjoy the new level of prosperity from clients who can actually pay you and afford you
Feel the satisfaction of saying “yes I will actually buy myself that” because you have the revenue to do so
Join Your Possy!
10 Weeks  Coaching +1 one-on-One
Video Calls on Zoom 
Begins on June 2017
Schedule an application call with Jolie for pricing options and details
We will all meet together live on video using Zoom. If you cannot be on video, you can call in as a backup option. If you are unable to attend live, you can catch the recording.
Apply Here:
Are you an upgrade kind of girl?
Add 6 One-on-One Personal Coaching Sessions with Jolie 
Intuitive energy healing sessions
Personalized branding sessions
Prosperous business model sessions
Mention this option on your discovery call with Jolie <3
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